How much does it cost for web app development?

March 25, 2022    By Sunitha Rajendran

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In today’s digital world, web apps have grown into a significant aspect of a business. Nowadays, several businesses are building web applications to reach their business objectives successfully. Many people have the question that how to estimate the web app development cost. This is one of the fundamental questions for everyone before starting the web app development project.

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer as web development involves, from creating a simple website to a custom, feature-rich web app.

For all types of business, having a web application is becoming a table stake - If you don’t have an interactive website, then you should understand that your digital presence is leaving behind your competition. So, have your digital presence with app development. To build an application, understanding the web app development costs is the first step in making an app in reality.

If you have an existing business or startup does not matter; make sure to start with a good baseline for what the web app development cost will be.

Ultimately, every app development project is different. Web app development costs are different than mobile app development costs. This means the cost of web development will depend on multiple variables, including its features, complexity, and even the developer’s country of residence. The Different features have different prices, and the complex features would also be costing more than common components.

In this blog, you will get an idea about the cost estimation for building a web app development project. Besides, you will know how to reduce the cost when the app turns to be expensive.

Evaluating Costs by Project Complexity




Approx. Cost



Basic set of features and sharing information about the product.

Provide users with simple interactions

Information pages

Simple search

Contact forms

$15,000 – $25000

Up to a month


Contains much more pages with some difficulties.

Information pages

Simple search

Contact forms

Third part integrations

User Account



3-4 months


Contains modern design, content, or user management systems, and additional services could be complex in developing a web application.

Information pages

Simple search

Contact forms

Third part integrations

User Account


User accounts

User Management

Content Management

Additional Sub-projects



6 months


Factors that affect Web App development cost

Different Hiring Options

The cost of web application development differs depending on the service that you opt for. Generally, there are three choices to select the software developers.

  • Freelance developers
  • In-house team
  • Outsource company

Understand that each option mentioned above is suitable in different situations and, also depends on your project requirements as well.

Freelancers: If you are managing a small project or need any software upgrades for your project, freelancers will be the best choice. Even you can finish your work with low pricing solution.

In-house team: Choosing an in-house team is a perfect option if you manage multiple projects & prefer to be entirely involved in the process. Opting this, you’ll have the power to make changes in the project whenever its necessary.

Outsource: Outsourcing a company would be the best choice for many. You can decrease your project expenses & generate a high-quality product. Moreover, they are accountable for your project management & product delivery.

Here you can learn more about outsourcing or hiring in-house app developers.

Location of Web Development Experts

The project of web development cost will also depends on the geographic location of the app development company or the development team. The charge of hiring a workforce or company would be high in the developed nations like UK and US, etc. But from them, you can expect top-notch quality product delivery from experienced professionals.

Keep in mind that a low-cost estimation of web app development is also a bad sign.

Otherwise, you are advised to offshore web app development projects to the software companies. Offshore can decrease your web development cost to a large extent.

Maintenance & Updates

Infrastructural costs like web hosting & domain registration costs need to be a part of the cost. When the web application is launched, you also need to spend some maintenance costs.

Additionally, adding new features through updated versions will also cost high. Thus, a greater number of improved versions cause higher expenses.

Main Web Application Categories

Static Web Application Dynamic Web Application E-commerce Web App Development Web Portal Development CMS Web App Development
$500 – $10,000 $2500 – $5000  $10,000 – $50,000  $3,000 – $6,000 



How to cut down the web app development cost?

Is your development cost crossing over the budget? Just follow the below steps from the start to reduce the cost of web app development as possible.

In this case, you’ve nothing to do rather than reconsider your requirements.

  • Define your core features clearly in the planning phase to avoid high costs.
  • Cut-off everything beyond the Minimal viable product (MVP).
  • Try using third-party integrations for using an external API in your website application.


We hope this blog gives you a rough idea of approximate web application development costs. With this clarity, you can start working on your web development project as per your estimated budget.

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