IEPFA Mobile App Case Study

August 11, 2021    By Sunitha Rajendran


Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) nurtures investor awareness & protects the interests of the investors.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) launched IEPFA to achieve the Prime Minister's vision of digitally empowered India. It promotes the investor's awareness and protects their interest.

IEPFA undertakes the activities of educating people and creating awareness among investors through media, seminars, & funding projects regarding investor education awareness & protection policies in India.

Challenge for IEPFA

The challenges in rural areas are massive. The spectacular growth in the Indian market has taken place in recent years. The number of investors has increased considerably during the last decade. Whereas, several malpractices like misleading information, exploitation of unwary investors, and manipulation, etc. have been witnessed.

Educating investors is best possible solution to save them from Ponzi schemes, but challenge to reach to masses in rural areas is big.


IEPFA raised TOR and invited IT firms to submit bids to provide e-Governance solutions. CrimsonBeans vied to participate in a massive information technology procurement contract floated by the NISG (consulting firm to the IEPFA). CrimsonBeans successfully won the project by delivering innovative solutions among the entrants.

Crimsonbeans was expected to play a vital role in the market when IEPFA has issued to regulate the malpractices in the Indian market and provide protection to the small investors & create awareness. Success is where preparation and opportunity meets!


Crimsonbeans partnered with NISG & IEPFA to design & develop integrated E-learning & content management solutions and a handy mobile application for IEPFA to educate investors.

Crimsonbeans created a mobile application to promote Learning experience at Anytime and Anywhere to the people.We aimed to cater solutions for financial literacy, education, protection, & spreading awareness among investors of both rural and urban from all walks of life. The key strengths of platforms include

  • Learning management system with gamification content.

  • Content management system using headless CMS 

  • Mobile application for Android & iOS 

The mobile application aims in accomplishing the goal of financial literacy, education, protection, & spreading investors’ awareness among investors both rural and urban from all walks of life.

  • Geo-tagging of app users 

  • Personalization features & push notifications for upcoming events and encourage participation in investor awareness programs

  • Comprehensive search functionality

  • Enrolment & Onboarding stream line process

  • Digital content library for e-learning assets: videos, audio, images, e-books 

  • Asynchronous e-learning system to provide easy to understand investor-centric education content  

  • Self-assessment and quizzes, facility to track course progress 

  • Facility to rate the content and mobile app 

  • User feedback & review mechanism 

  • Text to speech

  • Chatbot

  • Multi-lingual

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Recommendations Engine 

  • Integrations with MCA System & much more....

Technologies used
  • Moodle for LMS 

  • Headless CMS

  • GraphQL for APIs

  • React Native for Android & iOS mobile applications

  • With our innovative solutions, we enable education providers to reach to masses in rural areas and create awareness on investment.  

  • Using CMS & LMS, Crimsonbeans developed mobile & web application to educate investors and focus on vulnerable investors.

  • Multi-lingual application results to reach massive audience by providing a comprehensive user experience. 


Empowering IEPFA & Investors to succeed with effective solutions

Our holistic web and mobile app solutions simplify to educate the rural people and promote investors awareness. CrimsonBeans makes the IEPFA project a delightful experience.

CrimsonBeans successfully completed the project for IEPFA and proudly Inaugurated by Honorable Corporate Finance Minister  Smt.Nirmala Sitaraman on 23rd March 2021.

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